• Hog Hunting and Varmint Hunting

    Schedule your hunt with Hot Hitmen for a night hunt you will never forget. Equipped with night and thermal vision, and skilled with keep you safe, they are perfect for father-son hunting trips.

  • Hog Control and Varmint Control in the East Texas Area

    If you have hogs destroying your land, don't let the problem continue! Call us today and we can take care of your hog problem.

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    Call us today to learn more about out night shoots during which we utilize the best night vision and thermal imaging technology available!

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Hog Control and Hog Hunts in the Tyler, TX, Area

We sell high-tech night vision, thermal equipment, and Boar Gear apparel.

Hog Hitmen proudly sells all of the night vision and thermal equipment you need to make your hog


Have a hog problem? Call Hog Hitmen to take care of the problem for you.

As landowners ourselves, we have a complete understanding of the damage the pigs can cause. We offer several hog control services to help protect you and your Tyler, Texas property. We are professionals in the business world as well as in the eradication field, and we will provide you with indemnity releases protecting you from liability in the unlikely event of an accident.

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We see ourselves as a huge asset to farmers and ranchers as well as a source of good clean fun for sportsmen.

  • The Hitmen are avid outdoorsmen who recognize the huge burden and cost the wild hog population has on the farmers and ranchers of the Tyler, TX, area. Wild hogs cost Texas landowners millions of dollars each year because of their destructive nature. Because they are prolific and intelligent, regular hunting and trapping can't put a dent in their destruction. Most landowners are wary of having people on their land because of past experiences with irresponsible and unskilled hunters. We are landowners and business owners and we understand that we are to be stewards of the land we huntu2014we act accordingly.

    We have found that we can be very effective at eliminating hogs because of our high-tech weapons, scopes and thermal imaging equipment. The weapons are suppressed, which is good on your ears and the ears of the surrounding property owners. Hogs are nomadic and unpredictable by nature, so we like to cover a lot of ground each night on various properties, using electric buggies and UTVu2019s with high seats. Many ranchers also appreciate the fact that we have a lot of success calling and eliminating coyotes from their property.

    We invite you to come and experience this excitement for yourself and see that this is a whole new ball game.

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